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(From the Scoop Studio website)
Kansas City native Ben Timpson has made a splash on the Charleston, SC art scene since his arrival in 2007. His unique process consists of making art from found objects such as flower petals, bug legs, and human hair on tiny slides and blowing them up onto canvases. For his new show, “Around Us,” Timpson has taken his work a step further and is now painting representations of his slides on canvas. Timpson’s work, which has been described as ethereal and haunting, will be on view at SCOOP Studios in Charleston, SC from October 1st - 31st.


"When classically trained painter Ben Timpson turned his artist's eye from large canvases to tiny bits of the natural world, his work entered a mysterious realm of fanciful, dark beauty. Flowers, insects, blood and bone – the eccentric materials Timpson collects find their way into miniature compositions he assembles into slides in painstaking marathons at his light table. These haunting and whimsical photographs, published for the first time in "End of the Roll: Goodnight 35mm," capture a style that trades traditional notions of painting and collage for an evocative visual alchemy. The result is a gallery of alarmingly original images, and the publishing debut of a remarkable young artist."

Timpson's Work Table
Timpson's Work Table