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Universal Still Life Number One and Its Relationship to the Other Universal Still Lives and Imago.

In the Imago art show composed by Ben Timpson there are three Universal Still Lifes this one being the first. In my interpretation of these three works, I believe that Timpson was trying to capture the cycle of life in the three works. Starting with this one, it appears as if the art piece is in its seedling form. The twigs by the side of the seed represent the soil for the seed of life. The background appears to be the sun rise. Concentrated in the low sky and in the middle of the work, you get a sense that this piece is the very beginning. The middle can also be viewed as the heart yearning to grow just like the seed. Relating to Imago this is when the stages of life begin. These stages ultimately want to reach the Imago state which i believe to be the third universal still life. The heart of the seedling or the sun also strives to reach its stage high in the sky. In terms of the human experience, this piece relates to humans reaching for the stars. Humans relate to Imago, because Imago to humans is the ideal person they strive to be. In modern media people always strive to be like the people they see on TV, and be the best at what they do. This all has to start somewhere, and in humans if you were to take a still life picture it would all start at birth. The moment when the human seed sees its first gaze of sunlight.

-Uploaded by Cody Ashy

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Art tends to have similar themes, the themes rarely differenciate, often only changing between different centuries, and when a new and promising artist comes along. Oppositly, Ben Timpson's Still Life Number One is an unusual form of a still life, most being extravagant full of fruit and flowers, while his only being a couple of flowers, more of the simplistic beauty and contemplation. Could this be a breakthrough for still life art?

-Uploaded by Aubrie Holmes

Universal Still Life Number One And The Sun

The background of "Universal Still Life Number One" resembles that of a close up picture of the sun. The way the brightest color is placed in the center of the work coincides with nearly every textbook image of the sun; with yellow in the core, orange in the middle, and red in the outer layer. It seems as if the "sun" in the background has enveloped everything in its reach, and is moving on to the vase of flowers.

-Uploaded by Alex D'Antoni

Definition of Universal

Universal (adj.): present everywhere: the universal calm of southern seas.

Universal Still Life Number One shows the beauty and essence of something so simple as a vase of flowers. Today, people seem to miss the beauty of nature all around them even though it is present everywhere. The bright vibrant red in the background adds to the beauty of this artwork.

-Uploaded by Baker Walls

Definition of a Still Life
A still life is a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects which may be either natural or man-made.
I think this piece does a great job of presenting a still life. The flowers and vase are just sitting there. They just are, and as one gazes life seems to stand still.

-Uploaded by Ryan Mainous