Of 2 Ladies Dancing

Mayfly, iris, lilly, ferns, marble.

Celebration of Life

external image springdance111wp.jpg

Poem written by the poet and free lance writer Helen Losse (http://helenl.wordpress.com) and based on this artwork:

"When God Looks Like a Snowman

My eyes left the women—dancing and worshiping—
went to the water, color and texture of broken glass,
the light, then the droplets falling. At one point

I thought the women could be mermaids but
abandoned that theory along with the one about ice.
The water is blue, green, purple, the women silhouettes.

Then I noticed the face—looking upward—
central to the red section: When God parts the water,
he looks like a snowman, blowing bubbles through

separated lips. See the power of the breath of God:
Is grace befalling. And even wonder. "


This artwork and poem both release the same emotions felt in Dream of Two Ladies Dancing. Both show women dancing off in a surreal type world, making one feel as if they were in a dream. The connection is very clear, with the similar textures and positioning.
Updated by Destiny Burns

The Artwork: How It Relates to Imago

In the art work the ladies are shown in their adult and mature states. However in the picture they appear to dancing while consumed in the innocent, ideal image that they have of themselves that was formed in their youth before all of the matters of adulthood became known to them.
Submitted by John Murden

The Dance by Henri Matisse

external image matisse_dance_440x300.jpg

The Dance and Dream of 2 Ladies Dancing both portray people who are locked in an unsettling dance. The dance is strained and lacks the joy that usually accompanies dance. Ben Timpson's work takes this idea farther with the dancers themselves not possessing the appropriate body parts for dancing. Since the piece was actually conceived in a dream, the dancers could symbolize the artist's dislocation from happiness. I believe the dance is the artist's life before this dream occurred.

Submitted by Zachary Chessman

Inception Quote

Cobb: "Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange."

"Dream of Two Ladies Dancing" was inspired by a dream that Ben Timpson had. Using his passion of artwork, Ben Timpson created "Dream of Two Ladies Dancing" to try and find the meaning of his strange dream of two ladies dancing about.
-Emily Beck